Commercial Roofing Endorsement

By February 12, 2018Did You Know

A commercial endorsement in the roofing industry is a big deal and fairly difficult to obtain. The state of Oklahoma has procedures, tests and requirements in place for those in the roofing profession to secure this license. Not only do such professionals have to apply and pay for this certificate, as they do to meet Okalahoma’s residential roofing requirements, but these roofers must also take a lengthy and difficult test, emphasizing commercial roofing procedures, laws and specifications. In addition, a commercial license requires a company to secure, at minimum, $1M general liability insurance. The difficulty of this test eliminates many applicants and therefore separates these professionals from the rest.

This kind of distinguishment is an asset to the roofer and potential clients and Capstone Roofing is pleased to have this commercial endorsement. As one of only a few roofing contractors locally to hold this license, we are confident we can use our expertise to handle your commercial roofing project.

As a potential commercial customer, it is important to make an educated selection because your project is generally bigger in size and therefore more costly. Making a sound choice for a qualified, endorsed roofing contractor is essential and legally necessary. There are fines in place for contractors performing any commercial roofing without this endorsement. This kind of legal action could bring your project to a hault. Whether it’s metal, shingled or a roof coating, and whether it’s new constrution or a re-roof, a commercial contractor must have their endorsement. 

So, the next time you need to hire a roofing contractor for a commercial (or residential) project, we strongly encourage you to do a little homework. Make sure they are commercially endorsed and in good-standing with the state of Oklahoma. Head over to the construction industries board site and see for yourself exactly who you are hiring.

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