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Consider these 7 unexpected dangers of a LEAKY ROOF:

Attic and ceiling damage

Interior mold and mildew issues

Health concerns from mold

Fire hazard from water damage

Slip and fall hazard

Higher utility bills and wasted energy

Compromised structural integrity

The long-term damage of a leaking roof can be far greater than you expect if it’s not handled properly and promptly by a roofing professional. At Capstone we like to say: your emergency is our priority. We are leak detection specialists and roof leaks are always at the top of our schedule. We understand a small leak can turn into a much bigger problem, very quickly. Choose a company who will make your emergency their priority.

Whether you can find the exact location of your roof leak or not, your next best step is to call a roofing professional. This is why local matters. Time is of the essence when it comes to roof leaks and long-term water damage to your home or business. Let us go to work for you, finding the source of the problem and repairing it promptly.

Don’t bandaid a roof leak yourself, let Capstone detect and repair it for you.

We’re proud to be your local solution for roof leak detection and repairs. Call today to schedule your free estimate.

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