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When a co-housing community in Stillwater, Oklahoma was in search of a high-efficiency builder several years back, they looked no further than a local builder named Scott Campbell. With expertise in energy star, ‘green’ building and multi-family construction, Scott and his company, Campbell Construction, went to work on this gem of a project. It was an honor for him to help bring their dreams of such a community to life, right here in his hometown.

So, when it came to the construction of the roofs for these quad-plex homes, Scott used his own, local roofing company to handle all the roofs. You see, it made no sense for Oakcreek to hire a builder with knowledge in energy efficiency if their roofs were not also installed with that goal in mind. Why build a great product and not protect it with all the best materials?

Installation is key when it comes to your roof, especially when wanting to minimize utility costs long-term. The folks at Oakcreek had this goal in mind when making their selections. They wanted local, they wanted efficient and they got both! Capstone Roofing is proud to have been a part of such a great, local project built from the ground UP with great materials.

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