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So, you have hail damage. Well…you’re pretty sure you have hail damage but you don’t have a ladder to get up on the roof to check!

What do you do first? This is a question we’re asked very often.

Our recomendation is to have a reputable roofer come and inspect it for you. If you’re in our area, that’s something Capstone does at no cost to the owner. We suggest this for a couple reasons:

1). You should be able to get a roofing company out to inspect your roof more quickly vs. waiting for your insurance company to send an adjustor.

2). IF you have damage and need to have an adjustor sent out, they will most likely take you a bit more seriously knowing a roofer has already confirmed you have damge.

As a property owner it’s so important to have local people looking out for you! Know the quality businesses in town and who to trust. That way, when you have a suspected problem, you know exactly who to contact. An out-of-town, storm-chasing company won’t be there for free inspections as a service to you…but a local, reputable company will be.




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