Licensed and Insured

You’ve seen the phrase thrown around, haven’t you? Licensed and insured. But do you really know what that means when it comes to roofing?

Requirements vary from state to state in the roofing industry. In the state of Oklahoma, roofing companies must be registered to perform roofing services, both residentially and commercially. One of the major keys to obtaining this certification is proof of liability insurance of no less than $500,000. In addition, they must provide workers’ compensation insurance-or proper exemption-and meet additional RCRA requirements.

Hiring a company that is both licensed and insured protects YOU. Maybe you’ve shopped around and found a cheaper price on your next roof. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples! The difference between the companies (and price) could be this important element. Roofing contractors performing work without a license and insurance are not only illegal in Oklahoma, they’re placing you, as the consumer, at risk. Be informed when it comes to hiring your next roofing contractor and choose someone like Capstone Roofing who is both licensed and insured.

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