Need a metal roof for a large commercial business or industrial warehouse? Maybe you’re looking to add metal to an area on your house for some character. Big jobs or small, you may have discovered that not all roofing companies offer metal roofs.

The Metal Roofing Alliance is a great resource for consumers and roofing companies alike. It provides a search engine for individuals to learn about metal roofs as well as look for MRA members in their area. As a roofer, it allows you to have a platform to distinguish yourself as a professional in this specific type of roofing material, connecting you with consumers looking for a reputable provider and installer.

Another great feature, the MRA site allows you to upload a photo of your home and visualize how a metal roof will look, offering you a wide variety of features and colors. As an added bonus, you can ask questions about a new or existing metal roof and one of their experts can respond in a forum.

More great news if you’re in the market for a metal roof in Oklahoma: Capstone Roofing is proud to be a member of the MRA and offers metal roofing, along with shingles and roof coatings. Give this local, licensed and insured installer a call today: (405) 338-ROOF

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