As you may know, Owens Corning is a well-known and reputable shingle manufacturer. Since 1938, they have been huge in the roofing industry. This company helped transform the old-style, organic shingles of yesteryears by patenting ones made with fiberglass back in 1965. Their brand has expanded and become quite popular, continuing to deliver quality, innovative roofing products to their customers and installers.

Capstone Roofing is now the only¬†preferred contractor in the city of Stillwater to meet the professional roofing requirements as part of the¬†Owens Corning Roofing Preferred Contractors program. As specified by the company, these preferred contractors “are part of an exclusive network of roofing professionals who meet high standards and strict requirements for professionalism and reliability”.

As is true in many industries, not all suppliers and installers are the same; the good ones are good for a reason. It takes time and commitment to quality to stand out from the competition. Capstone is dedicated to consistently delivering products that meet or exceed industry standards. It is partnerships with reputable companies such as Owens Corning that allow us to install great roofs and give us a platform through their professional programs. It’s an honor to be recognized in this way and we hope it gives our clients even more peace of mind when choosing Capstone as their roofing contractor.

Thank you, Owens Corning!

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