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All too often property owners get taken advantage of when it comes to home and roof repairs. These unsuspecting, trusting individuals expect quality work and mistakenly hire people who ‘talk the talk’, but don’t necesssarily ‘walk the walk’, when it comes to credentials and certifications. Unfortunately, it’s an easy mistake to make, especially in the construction industry!

The state of Oklahoma has been increasing the requirments in numerous construction industries to protect property owners, including endorsements in the roofing industry. These requirements separate the professionals from the fraudulent businesses preying on people unknowledgeable of the industry standards.

Here are some tips to AVOID Roof Repair Fraud:

  • Ask for a License or Registration
  • Verify the Contractor’s License Information by checking the CIB site
  • Request and Check References
  • Obtain a Written Contract
  • Vertify locally, whether permit is required and/or issued

In just a few short minutes you can eliminate the risk┬áto you as a property owner! Don’t waste your time and hard-earned money on a company claiming to offer a product or service they are not qualified to deliver. Make it easy on yourself and check with the Construction Industries Board. Their site is well-equipped to quickly check credentials across the state.

Capstone Roofing is proud to have met the industry’s requirements for both residential and commercial roofing. We have our commercial endorsement, something few in this area of Oklahoma have. (405) 338-ROOF



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