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According to this article, it is estimated that nearly 9 out of 10 roofs in North America are vented improperly.  That’s a whole lot of property just waiting for problems. What kind of problems, you ask??
A great-looking roof that isn’t installed properly won’t last very long. Without adequate venting, the life of your roof will be cut short. Proper venting is paramount in a roof installation because it allows for necessary airflow thereby decreasing your utility bills. If your attic and roof deck become too hot or too cold, your heating and cooling system goes into overdrive. An HVAC system working too hard costs you money. And who wants to spend extra money on electric bills?

Another huge reason to ventilate your roof: restricted airflow allows dangerous moisture to build up. This kind of moisture can lead to mold which poses a health risk for you and your family. Add to that, too much moisture decreases the life of your roof. Wow, if money isn’t reason enough…your health sure is!

It doesn’t matter how great your shingles are if they aren’t vented adequately. What a wasted investment. Make sure your roofing contractor is installing your roof correctly, with sufficient venting. Should you choose Capstone Roofing, rest assured that Scott and his team will install your roof with proper venting. His background as both an energy-efficient builder and roofer give him a great perspective in this area, benefiting clients across Oklahoma.


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