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Did you know there are certifications for roofing installers?

Roof manufacturers have various programs in place which allow roofing contractors and their installers to achieve certifications through their manufacturing company. These certifications vary, as do each of the requirements for them.

This allows roofing companies to distinguish themselves and gives property owners another way to spot a legitimate roofer from a not-so-professional one. It’s a win/win for both the roofer and the client. The roofer gains further training to better their company and installation practices by providing education, allowing them to install a roof that meets or exceeds industry standards. The customer benefits in a big way getting a roof that is installed properly as well as having a more professional experience, start to finish. Peace of mind for everyone involved!

Capstone Roofing is pleased to be a certified residential roofing contractor through MalarkeyRoofing. As defined by Malarkey, “The mission of the Certified Residential Contractor Program is to provide a “shared value” concept bringing together industry roofing application details coupled with factory trained applicators using high quality Malarkey Roofing Products®.” Capstone has the privilege of being a ‘trusted partner‘ with an exceptional manufacturer. Even better, Malarkey has a residential shingle that is manufactured right here in Oklahoma. Customers can choose a local, professional roofer like Capstone and a made-in-Oklahoma product, too…a great combination!

So, next time you’re in the market for a new roof, take a look at what kind of certifications a roofing company may or may not have. Doing so could allow you to make an objective, quality selection.


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