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Wind Damage and your Roof

By Did You Know winds can be brutal, can’t they? Meteorologists regularly forecast high winds around the state and, unfortunately, it’s not always a seasonal happening. With these changing weather patterns always around us, as Okies, we’d like to remind you about the damage high winds can cause your roof. Just this month, Oklahoma has experienced gusts up to 50 mph and we aren’t in “tornado season”!

Even storms that produce little or no hail can damage your roof. Over time, intense winds can create problems with lasting effects. Strong winds carry debris that can compromise the life of your shingles. In this informative article, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), most wind damage to a roof starts on the edge. The loosening of shingles at the edges eventually moves to other areas of your roof creating a number of issues. And, because winds don’t sweep across surfaces uniformly, the damage also varies.

So, how do you detect this kind of damage? Maybe you’ve seen shingles blown off or perhaps you’ve noticed the edges of your roof line coming up. These are clear signs your roof has been compromised. What can be even more concerning, however, is the damage you aren’t able to see from the ground. For this kind of inspection, a local, reputable roofer should be called. Someone who can assess the integrity of your shingles is a valuable asset to a property owner.

It’s important to remind you that wind damage to your roof can lead to poor insulation and, poor insulation costs you money. What appears to be a minor issue with a few shingles missing, if left for long, can snowball into a much larger issue. Don’t procrastinate if you suspect you have wind damage to your roof. Let a professional at Capstone Roofing provide you a free inspection and, if needed, repair your roof properly.


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Certified Roofing Installer

By Did You Know

Did you know there are certifications for roofing installers?

Roof manufacturers have various programs in place which allow roofing contractors and their installers to achieve certifications through their manufacturing company. These certifications vary, as do each of the requirements for them.

This allows roofing companies to distinguish themselves and gives property owners another way to spot a legitimate roofer from a not-so-professional one. It’s a win/win for both the roofer and the client. The roofer gains further training to better their company and installation practices by providing education, allowing them to install a roof that meets or exceeds industry standards. The customer benefits in a big way getting a roof that is installed properly as well as having a more professional experience, start to finish. Peace of mind for everyone involved!

Capstone Roofing is pleased to be a certified residential roofing contractor through MalarkeyRoofing. As defined by Malarkey, “The mission of the Certified Residential Contractor Program is to provide a “shared value” concept bringing together industry roofing application details coupled with factory trained applicators using high quality Malarkey Roofing Products®.” Capstone has the privilege of being a ‘trusted partner‘ with an exceptional manufacturer. Even better, Malarkey has a residential shingle that is manufactured right here in Oklahoma. Customers can choose a local, professional roofer like Capstone and a made-in-Oklahoma product, too…a great combination!

So, next time you’re in the market for a new roof, take a look at what kind of certifications a roofing company may or may not have. Doing so could allow you to make an objective, quality selection.


Leaking Roof

Roof Leaks

By Did You Know

So, it’s raining in Oklahoma and you’ve got a roof leak. A leaking roof can be pesky to deal with and perhaps something you’ve been putting off because, well, it stopped leaking when the rain stopped, right? Out of sight, out of mind. You could actually be very, very wrong!

The long-term damage of a leaking roof can be far greater than you expect if it’s not handled properly and promptly by a roofing professional.

This article discusses 7 UNEXPECTED DANGERS of a LEAKY ROOF:

  1. Attic and ceiling damage
  2. Interior mold and mildew issues
  3. Health concerns from mold
  4. Fire hazard from water damage
  5. Slip and fall hazard
  6. Higher utility bills and wasted energy
  7. Compromised structural integrity

So, maybe you’re realizing, now, that little leak could be causing a lot of damage to your property. Maybe you’ve tried to track down the source or site of the leak on your own and you’re stumped. Your next best step is to call a roofing professional. This is yet another reason choosing a local company is your best choice. Since time is of the essence when it comes to long-term water damage to your home or business, rely on someone local to service you promptly.

At Capstone we like to say: your emergency is our priority. We are leak detection specialists and roof leaks are always at the top of our schedule. We understand a small leak can turn into a much bigger problem, very quickly. Choose a company who will make your emergency their priority.



Stillwater Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce

By Did You Know

We’re excited to say that we recently joined the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce!

It’s a great way to connect with people who share the same goals of bettering our community and growing area businesses and commerce. At Capstone Roofing, we’re learning whether you’re a new, start-up business or an established business that’s trying to grow, putting down local roots and connecting in your community is key. Sucessful businesses don’t become successes by accident. Gaining trust and forming relationships is EVERYTHING!

Speaking of the local Chamber, you really ought to check out the resources they offer. From leadership training to job finding, it really delivers a great service for Stillwater residents. Here’s a review on their site that sums it up best: “This community-centric organization is Stillwater‘s best ally. From economic development to member support, Stillwater Chamber delivers a solid service. The staff is knowledgeable, committed, and enjoyable. This membership is the best use of my money, hands down.”

Why wouldn’t we want to be a part of an organization like that? If you’re a local resident and/or business owner, we encourage you to connect with them!


Hail Damage?

By Did You Know

So, you have hail damage. Well…you’re pretty sure you have hail damage but you don’t have a ladder to get up on the roof to check!

What do you do first? This is a question we’re asked very often.

Our recomendation is to have a reputable roofer come and inspect it for you. If you’re in our area, that’s something Capstone does at no cost to the owner. We suggest this for a couple reasons:

1). You should be able to get a roofing company out to inspect your roof more quickly vs. waiting for your insurance company to send an adjustor.

2). IF you have damage and need to have an adjustor sent out, they will most likely take you a bit more seriously knowing a roofer has already confirmed you have damge.

As a property owner it’s so important to have local people looking out for you! Know the quality businesses in town and who to trust. That way, when you have a suspected problem, you know exactly who to contact. An out-of-town, storm-chasing company won’t be there for free inspections as a service to you…but a local, reputable company will be.




A residential house with Capstone roofing

Oakcreek Community

By Did You Know

When a co-housing community in Stillwater, Oklahoma was in search of a high-efficiency builder several years back, they looked no further than a local builder named Scott Campbell. With expertise in energy star, ‘green’ building and multi-family construction, Scott and his company, Campbell Construction, went to work on this gem of a project. It was an honor for him to help bring their dreams of such a community to life, right here in his hometown.

So, when it came to the construction of the roofs for these quad-plex homes, Scott used his own, local roofing company to handle all the roofs. You see, it made no sense for Oakcreek to hire a builder with knowledge in energy efficiency if their roofs were not also installed with that goal in mind. Why build a great product and not protect it with all the best materials?

Installation is key when it comes to your roof, especially when wanting to minimize utility costs long-term. The folks at Oakcreek had this goal in mind when making their selections. They wanted local, they wanted efficient and they got both! Capstone Roofing is proud to have been a part of such a great, local project built from the ground UP with great materials.

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Licensed and Insured

By Did You Know

You’ve seen the phrase thrown around, haven’t you? Licensed and insured. But do you really know what that means when it comes to roofing?

Requirements vary from state to state in the roofing industry. In the state of Oklahoma, roofing companies must be registered to perform roofing services, both residentially and commercially. One of the major keys to obtaining this certification is proof of liability insurance of no less than $500,000. In addition, they must provide workers’ compensation insurance-or proper exemption-and meet additional RCRA requirements.

Hiring a company that is both licensed and insured protects YOU. Maybe you’ve shopped around and found a cheaper price on your next roof. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples! The difference between the companies (and price) could be this important element. Roofing contractors performing work without a license and insurance are not only illegal in Oklahoma, they’re placing you, as the consumer, at risk. Be informed when it comes to hiring your next roofing contractor and choose someone like Capstone Roofing who is both licensed and insured.

to vent or not to vent

To vent or not to vent…

By Did You Know

According to this article, it is estimated that nearly 9 out of 10 roofs in North America are vented improperly.  That’s a whole lot of property just waiting for problems. What kind of problems, you ask??
A great-looking roof that isn’t installed properly won’t last very long. Without adequate venting, the life of your roof will be cut short. Proper venting is paramount in a roof installation because it allows for necessary airflow thereby decreasing your utility bills. If your attic and roof deck become too hot or too cold, your heating and cooling system goes into overdrive. An HVAC system working too hard costs you money. And who wants to spend extra money on electric bills?

Another huge reason to ventilate your roof: restricted airflow allows dangerous moisture to build up. This kind of moisture can lead to mold which poses a health risk for you and your family. Add to that, too much moisture decreases the life of your roof. Wow, if money isn’t reason enough…your health sure is!

It doesn’t matter how great your shingles are if they aren’t vented adequately. What a wasted investment. Make sure your roofing contractor is installing your roof correctly, with sufficient venting. Should you choose Capstone Roofing, rest assured that Scott and his team will install your roof with proper venting. His background as both an energy-efficient builder and roofer give him a great perspective in this area, benefiting clients across Oklahoma.


Black Oak roof

Not all shingles are created equal

By Did You Know


It’s true. All shingles are not created equal. In fact, there’s a lot more than just the overall appearance that distinguish them from each other. Let us introduce you to the Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingle.

Springtime in Oklahoma can bring some nasty storms. And with them, lots of hail. This is a big reason we tell our clients to consider a Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingle. They can resist up to two-inch hail and give you a lifetime warranty, when installed properly by our team. Oklahoma is among the top 4 states that average the most days with damaging hail larger than golfball size.

What’s more, you can save up to 25% on your homeowner’s insurance premium when you choose this shingle. Your home is often your greatest investment, why would you want to skimp on the material covering it? Icing on top for Oklahomans…this shingle is manufactured right here in OKC. When you choose this quality product, you’re helping fellow Okies. It’s a great choice all the way around!

Since quality is our top priority at Capstone, we recommend you check these out. They offer the highest rated protection available in the residential shingle market.

shop local

5 Reasons to SHOP LOCAL on your next roof

By Did You Know

You’ve seen the phrase lately, haven’t you? Shop local. What you probably didn’t realize is that it pertains to the roofing industry…big time. In fact, hiring local when it comes to roofing is key.
Why does it matter, you ask? Let us give you 5 reasons to hire local on your next roof:

1. TIME:
Need a contactor to get to your job quickly? Someone local can generally get to your roof sooner.

2. COST:
Hiring local keeps your costs down. You aren’t paying the hidden travel costs by an out of town company. Beware of storm-chasers as they may not be carrying the proper liability insurances, which place you at a cost risk should an accident occur.

Put a name with a face. Hiring local allows you to connect with people, not just a company. Should you have any issues down the line, you’ll know exactly who to call.

Let’s face it, warranty issues are a pain to deal with. What’s worse, having warranty problems that aren’t being addressed because you hired someone from out of town. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by choosing local.

Choosing a local roofing contractor helps your community. Silly, you say? Maybe, but consider this. A local company who takes pride in their community is most likely ordering products within the community. They’re employing people around you and creating jobs. Buying local keeps revenue in your town and, long term, benefits you!

Capstone Roofing is proud to be a family-owned, LOCAL business. And, as you read, local really does matter when it comes to roofing.